Wednesday, April 24, 2013

STYLE BATTLE: Diane Kruger vs Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea

Style Battle: CHANEL clutch

 A algunas parece que no os ha gustado mucho este clutch de Chanel, lo último de la casa francesa, pero lo que si es verdad es que no se pierde una fiesta!! Y si la semana pasada le vimos en manos de Diane Kruger esta semana le toca el turno a la bonaerense Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea, la chica it del momento (tiembla Olivia) en Manhattan!! 

 ¿Quién lo lleva mejor? Como veis es muy versátil y vale tanto para galas como para cenas o cócteles! Le damos otra oportunidad? Bueno, casi mejor nos esperamos a que Amancio lo copie, no tardará mucho ....aunque igual con una Z!

 It seems that some of you didn't like this Chanel clutch too much, but it's true that it doesn't miss a party at this time!! Last week it was handled by Diane Kruger but this week is time for the Argentinian it girl Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea, the new celebrity of the moment (OMG Olivia, should shudder to think about it) at Manhattan!! 

 Who do you think it wore better? AS you can see is so versatil that you can wear it both for cocktails and night parties or ball dance, should we give it another opportunity? Well, let's wait for Zara's clone better...maybe it will be with a Z though!

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